I would use this to get around: Comfy shoes. Prague is gorgeous and totally accessible by foot with lots of little cobblestone side streets, nooks and crannies perfect for spending a day getting lost and found.

I would stay here: Hotel Christie. My room was bright, airy and comfortable with free wi-fi, a decent continental breakfast and a massive tub that made my day, every day.

I would eat here: Radost FX. Vegetarian, super diverse and full of personality, this spot is hip, hot and happening no matter what you’re into. In fact, it’s so great that my friend bought their tshirt and wears it around town hoping people will ask him about it so that he can relive the experience on a regular basis. They serve fresh and delicious brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks, so good luck coming up with an excuse not to give it a try.

I would drink here: One of the bajillion cafés and resto-bars around the old square. There are heaters, blankets and umbrellas no matter which one you choose, so get down there rain or shine. It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s easily the best people-watching and Euro-living you’ll do all day.

I would do this: Walk down to the water and wander across the Charles Bridge. Artisans, musicians and tourists abound making it a bit of an obvious choice, but one not to be missed. Grab a seat down by the water and have yourself a beer in the sun. You deserve it. I’d also recommend climbing the clock tower in the old square. It’s cheap and offers stunning views as far as the eye can see. There’s a dude at the top who plays the trumpet every hour on the hour, so if you manage to be up there when he starts tooting his own horn you can pretend you’re a royal princess up in her tower waving at her throngs of minions who cheer and take photos in the square down below.

I wouldn’t do this: I got nothing. Apparently there’s nothing I wouldn’t do in Prague.


6 thoughts on “Prague

  1. Definitely agree that Prague is all about sitting at the Old World cafés, and strolling the Charles Bridge. I recall one early morning, up before sunrise, trying to snap a mystical shot of the bridge in the midst of winter. The popsicle fingers were well worth the images we captured that morning. 🙂

  2. I absolutely adore Prague. No idea about accommodation there, as I’ve always stayed with a friend in the city. For food, I adore a cute -but-dark cafe called Therapy (their svickova is wonderful), and then a much livelier place called Kulovy Blesk (it means ‘lightning bolt’) for their steak tartare. For people watching, Vinohrady is my favourite neighbourhood, accessible from the Jiriho z Podebrad metro station. I adore it. Also, Letna Park is another spot that I always recommend!

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