St. Andrews, New Brunswick


I would use this to get around: A boat. This is one of the most beautiful stretches of Canada’s Atlantic coastline. Little islands, relatively calm waters and tons of marine life make it a seafarer’s dream. As for the actual town, it’s tiny. I would for sure park at the hotel or campground and walk everywhere.

I would stay here: The Kingsbrae Arms. Wow. If you can swing it financially, this is a real hot spot. The Algonquin Resort is also a big deal, although it’s currently closed for MASSIVE renovations. It’s a historic spot with lots to say for itself, though. So if you do happen to be in town when the resort re-opens, hit it. The Europa Inn has one of the best locations in town, and on the flip-side, the Rossmount Inn is a bit out of the way, but totally worth the added kilometres. For low-key accommodations, there is a campground at the “far end” of town (quotation marks because nothing is really very far in this town). There are also tons of cottages and B&Bs. I’ve not stayed at any of them, but my friend had a meeting at the Seaside Beach Resort and said it was “friggin’ awesome,” so I feel pretty good about recommending it.

I would eat here: Savour in the Garden. It’s new, it’s fantastic and you’re kind of foolish if you go to St. Andrew’s and don’t make it a point to eat there. Chef Alex Haun serves up a tasting menu that will blow your mind in a really delicious way. It’s $65/person and begins at 7pm Thurs-Sat. Bring your camera. For lunch, I’d grab a seat on the patio at the Gables. The seafood is fresh, the beer is cold and the view is stunning.

I would drink here: The Red Herring. It’s right smack in the middle of town and this is where you’ll find live music and local yokels – a winning combination.

I would do this: Tour the Passamaquoddy Bay by kayak. The diversity of the marine life in this little piece of the Bay of Fundy is second only to the Great Barrier Reef. Truth. I would also be sure to wander Water Street for an hour or two. The town is bursting with creative genius, so the galleries and art shops are of incredible quality. I’d also eat as much seafood as I could possibly handle. And then I’d eat some more.

I wouldn’t do this: Go to St. Andrews in the winter. Many of the businesses are seasonal making it a bit of a ghost town once the snow flies, so I wouldn’t make the trip unless it was summer. Or unless I were a ghost, I guess.


5 thoughts on “St. Andrews, New Brunswick

  1. I absolutely love St. Andrews by the Sea. Also loved staying at the Algonquin. Gorgeous place. Can hardly wait to see it after the “massive” renovations. Thx for the heads-up!

  2. We stayed at the Seaside Beach Resort in St. Andrews by-the-Sea. My sis-in-law still waxes poetic about sitting on our cottage seaside deck. Pic of it and a post on St. Andrews at One of Seaside’s owners wrote the authoritative book on Minister’s Island which we toured and posted about as well. Worth the time if you’re in town. It was Canada’s model farm circa 1911. Built by Canada’s railroad baron, William Van Horne. He was a big foodie and routinely shipped fresh produce by rail from it to his home in Montreal.

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