Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

I would use this to get around: Bare feet. The entire community of Santa Teresa is essentially a long stretch of beach that can be used as a scenic pedestrian highway for getting into town from the string of haciendas and cabanas that house most visitors to the area. It’s quicker to take the road that runs parallel to the beach, but it’s also hotter, dustier and generally ickier so I’d stick to the beach if I were you.

I would stay here: Rent a house or a cabin. We stayed at Blue Surf Sanctuary and it was about as perfect as it gets. They have one room cabanas with a shared kitchenette and outdoor living space, as well as surf gear for rent and a little swimming pool for après-surf chill outs. It’s a bit far from town, but really close to some of the best surf spots and yoga spots. If you’ve got the inclination and the financial means, however, Florblanca is a real treat and a half. Suffice it to say that I would stay here, eat here, drink here, do yoga here, live here and never leave here if I had truck loads of dollar bills.

I would eat here: There is an absolutely killer bakery in Santa Teresa, right on the main drag. It’s actually just called Bakery Cafe and their chocolate croissants are among the best in the whole world, I’m sure of it. There is also a hot little spot on the beach called Habaneros with really decent Mexican food and, of course, Florblanca has cornered the fine dining market in Santa Teresa.

I would drink here: Rocamar Beach Lounge. We were fortunate to be within stumbling distance of this place. Awesome spot. A great alternative, however, is a hammock anywhere, anytime. Don’t wait until the sun goes down to crack a cerveza. You’re on vacation. Hit it.

I would do this: Surf. Obviously. Yoga is also top-notch in Santa Teresa, with classes all over the place, all the time. If I were you, I would wake up, surf, stretch, siesta, repeat.

I wouldn’t do this: Stay somewhere without quick and easy beach access.


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